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We understand the importance of proactive fleet maintenance to minimise the risk of vehicle breakdown and unexpected cost, as well as ensuring the safety of your drivers. That’s why our experts at Horndean tyres (south east) Limited offer an Electronic Fleet Inspection or old fashioned written inspection reports and Service to all truck and van customers.

By checking the condition of your fleet’s tyres at regular inspection intervals, we can identify when tyres are damaged or in need of replacement and recommend service work to maintain or extend the life of your tyres too.

  • After every scheduled inspection you’ll be sent an email and called with a breakdown of  all of the work
  • You’ll be given an estimated time for the remedial work to be carried out (depending upon severity)
  • You’ll be sent periodical update emails confirming any remedial work that has been carried out and any outstanding work
  • If required you’ll be given access to an online portal that collates all of the inspection history for your fleet, allowing you 24 hour access to all your fleet data

For more information about the Electronic Fleet inspection or old fashioned written fleet inspectionsand service please speak to a member of Horndean Tyres (South east) Limited or your Local account manager.